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Anne Bergeron
Lewisville, TX
Dallas, TX – April 11, 2018

ReinHealth is proud to announce the grand opening of a new health center located in Rowlett, TX.

Innovative, Custom Healthcare

This new ReinHealth facility will provide specialty pharmacy and infusion therapy clinics to the surrounding communities of Rowlett, Rockwall, Garland, and Mesquite. Our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art facilities help make ReinHealth one of the most innovative and cost-effective options available to patients, as well as their healthcare providers, doctors and caregivers. Whether a patient needs IV antibiotics, IVIG, TPN, biologics or other specialty injectables – ReinHealth can help. “We use a personalized approach to medication therapy and disease management to increase positive outcomes for our patients,” said CEO, Michael Swayden. From providing pharmacy medications to comfortable, infusion suites, the staff has the expertise to ensure patients get the care they need.

A Health Center Built Around a Community

ReinHealth strives to provide patients with the best services available, but that is not all we do. Swayden wants every patient who comes into a ReinHealth facility to feel like part of a community. “The more time we spend in providing health care services to individuals, the more we see that relationships are the cornerstone for patient care.” At ReinHealth, patients are never just a body in a chair or a statistic. In fact, ReinHealth considers patients as an integral part of the team of individuals working towards keeping them healthy. Every patient has a story, and their staff wants to know and be a part of yours.

ReinHealth & You

The staff at ReinHealth are highly-skilled and eager to help those in need. It is a sentiment shared by all at ReinHealth, including Swayden. “We realized a need for infusion therapy and specialty pharmacy services in these communities and are thrilled to announce a new ReinHealth location in Rowlett, TX. It is an honor to continue to spread our mission of cost-effective, compassionate and ethical healthcare to those who need it most,” Swayden said regarding the new health center.

At ReinHealth, a patient’s continued care is paramount. They work with referring doctors and each patient to ensure they receive the best treatment available at affordable prices. While ReinHealth focuses on the chronically ill and patients who need intense care, ReinHealth also works hard to reduce overall recidivism rates while improving the outcomes associated with infusion therapies. If you are in the Rowlett, Rockwall, Garland and Mesquite areas, you no longer have to travel far for the care you need. The staff at ReinHealth is looking forward to joining your healthcare team.

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