Specialty injectables and biologic administration requires professional, comprehensive care. While certain products can be self-administered, most need to be obtained from a licensed pharmacy via a doctor’s prescription. These medications are typically used for diseases that have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life or overall life expectancy.

Quality specialty injectables and biologics help to improve the difficult circumstances that come with many illnesses. Not only do they help patients manage symptoms, some provide life-saving treatment options. Side effects should be monitored with both, however, as they can be mild to severe. Patients should always talk to their doctor about any side effects experienced during treatment.

Specialty Injectables

Specialty injectables are used in the treatment of chronic and/or life-threatening diseases. These treatments are administered via injection, infusion or inhalation by a infusion nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician due to their complex nature. Not only does transportation, storage and handling require special consideration, but administration itself requires increased attention. Frequent dosage adjustments, severe side effects, and periodic testing are all necessary in ensuring optimal treatment using specialty injectables. These medications also require surveillance, counselling or monitoring when being used.


Biologics are medications manufactured from the complex molecules of living microorganisms, plants or animal cells. Because of the complex combinations of cells used to create each biologic, these treatments are hard to categorize. As a whole, however, they tend to be sensitive to temperature changes. They are also easily susceptible to microbial contamination. The proper transportation, storage and use of biologics is, therefore, extremely important in ensuring each dose remains viable.

Specialty injectables and biologics provide much needed care for patients suffering from chronic or life altering diseases. ReinHealth offers infusion therapy services that includes these medications. Infusion suites at ReinHealth provide patients with health care necessities at convenient locations throughout the Dallas area. Each specialty injectable and biologic treatment is treated with the utmost care per their particular instructions. ReinHealth’s state-of-the-art sterile clean room and certified staff ensure quality handling and infusions. For more information, please visit the ReinHealth website at: https://reinhealthcare.com/.

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