Dallas Infusion Therapy Suites

The ReinHealth Dallas infusion therapy center provides a comfortable, yet sophisticated state-of-the art setting for infusion therapy patients.

Patient-First Approach

ReinHealth of Dallas Infusion Therapy Patients Receive TreatmentOur highly skilled nursing staff treats more than just the disease, we treat the whole patient. Some chronically-ill patients may require more attention and care while others may enjoy the convenience and autonomy to come around their schedule. Our Dallas outpatient infusion therapy suite provides for both types of patients and more. We take the time to get to know each patient and understand their individual needs, allowing each patient to get the quality infusion care they deserve.

When you visit our Dallas infusion therapy center you can expect:

  • Professional: Best-in-class infusion therapy technology, equipment and standard of care.
  • Comfort: Comfortable, relaxing infusion suites.
  • Friendly: Highly skilled, knowledgeable staff.
  • Convenient: Flexible outpatient infusion scheduling.
  • Privacy: Relax in the privacy of your own infusion suite.
ReinHealth Dallas

11970 North Central Expressway,

Ste 630

Dallas, TX 75243

Phone: 972-661-2273