ReinHealth Patient Testimonials

Patient Care Is Our Primary Focus

ReinHealth Dallas-Fort Worth Patient Testimonials

“These guys are the best. Very personable staff. I mean, who goes out of their way to rearrange the chairs so their patients can have a better view of the outdoors? It’s the little things that make a business great, and these guys are doing things right.” Geno M.

“I’ve been receiving infusions since I’m 5, I’m now 18. I’ve had many of the same nurses over the years, followed them wherever they went. But, at ReinHealth it’s been different. My nurses are great, but the physical place is better. It looks and feels so clean compared to other places I’ve been.

I consider the nursing staff my family, I see them twice each month. I’m glad I can come to ReinHeatlh.”

Brianna H.

“I like the way I’m treated at ReinHealth. The staff is very accommodating to my schedule. They don’t hassle me when I have to change an appointment.

It doesn’ t feel like an infusion clinic, I feel like I’m visiting with friends.”

Tiffany W.

“My daughter has had to receive infusions for most of her life.

We’ve never felt as comfortable as we do at ReinHealth. It feels like we matter, we don’t feel rushed or stressed. It’s a very calming environment.

The staff is great. You can really tell it’s not just a job, that the staff really cares.”

Kim H.

“With every visit I have been able to observe the increased efforts to make this facility about the patient. The atmosphere provides for interaction with other patients or complete privacy, if you so choose. The Nurses and Staff make an effort to know you as an individual and understand your individual needs.

My treatment is a life time commitment. Thank you everyone at ReinHealth for improving my quality of life.”

Brenda G.